Ziema Co. Services

New Technology Business Services

Ziema Co. is a dynamic company, active in various fields of oil, gas and petrochemical industries

Supporting advanced and emerging high tech projects

Ziema Co. achieves value adding economical benefits with guaranteed return of investment and increasing fixed assets (both tangible and non-tangible) by leveraging innovative and knowledge based companies. Ziema Co. values and supports technical ideas and creative projects with strategic goals and offers the expertise to commercialise.

Expectable results of executing Ziema Co. support program

- Commercializing innovations and high-tech solutions in oil and gas industries

Support for emerging and non-emerging companies for entrepreneurship and the creation of a new technology business

Supporting reproductive and newly emerged companies in order to create jobs and job-creating business environments.

Promoting the company’s brand name and its non-tangible assets for increasing trade credit to be used in investment and partnership in innovative businesses

Creating and effective mechanism for co-operation with research and scientific and high-tech organizations(i.e universities, high-tech parks, research institutions,…) in order to transfer technologies and commercializing technical achievements and create new knowledge based businesses.

Professional evaluation of new and innovative businesses to find new investment areas, with an approach to lowering the risks and increasing the return on investment.

Explore, identify, evaluate and use opportunities in oil and gas industry.

The defined framework for cooperation in order to achieve the above goals


Cooperation and creating a venture capital fund

Cooperation with innovation and flourishing fund, research and tech-based funds and also, capital funds providers and large size investors(both individuals and enterprise) for investment in related fields

Financing with fixed and long term return, using the financial market potentials.

Accepting investors by presenting the share of the created companies

Partnership in executing knowledge based projects

Innovators and entrepreneurs

Supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in creating advanced and high-tech businesses will provide them with a suitable infrastructure for achieving their goals faster.